Funny, because my head is all jam-packed
with thoughts trying to get home
stopped in traffic on the highway
bumper to bumper irrelevance
gamma rays and collywobbles.
Too much winter rolling around
to know where the answers are.

Rumbles touch down all the way
from the top of the sky,
lightning composes our frailty.

Rain fills up everything all at once
we drown inside our minds,
my hair is waves and waves and waves
to put boats in.

Sirens locked away
threaded inside forever
no longer luring
doorways to nobody and nowhere and nothing
decaying into madness.


NaPoWriMo Challenge #25: first things first [link]

Behind the scenes: The first word I heard today was, “nothing.” And it was pretty perfect, because it accurately describes what I feel like I have left to write about at this point in NaPoWriMo. Special thanks to [Lacey], for her poetic midwifery while I was writing this.